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Jamie's Italian Singapore

It has finally happened. A chef I admire much, only being able to watch and read about his food, is within reach of my taste buds. Well, his food I meant. Not wanting to have a taste of him, or anything like that. Jamie's Italian Singapore, Jamie's first restaurant within my reach. How can I miss it?

It has always captured my imagination, sometimes even frustration, that what exactly is the standard to a high level of taste and cooking is. I never really had the chance to visit a restaurant of a Michelin stared chef. Being just an average person who's income translates eating Michelin stared chef food, is equivalent to squandering hard-earned money. Just way out of my league.

However, sometimes, it doesn't take a Michelin star chef to point to you what standards really are. Jamie Oliver is exactly that. He could be even more famous and widely received than a Michelin stared chef. I've always loved the way he presents his food, how it looks, and especially how much p…

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